Hi There!

I'm Michelle Attwell

I am Michelle.   I am a Traumatologist who obtained a Advanced Diploma in Traumatology.

I am a wife and a mother to a teenage daughter.

Family, music and reading feeds my soul.

I have always had a passion to facilitate helping people from a young age.

As I became older I wanted to bring this passion to my career. I surrendered to the process allowing it to show itself to me. This process became apparent in 2006 while working as an HR manager in Johannesburg, Traumatology found me via a colleague.

Immediately intrigued, I knew on a deep level that I had found my foundation model, as it incorporated Body, Mind and Soul aspects.



We all have had various processes occur in our lives whereby we lose aspects of our being. We become fragmented. The loss of these aspects trigger anxiety, fear and unrest within our being, playing out in unhealthy behavioural patterns and thoughts. It is usually that place where we are lost at the edge of ourselves, where we embark on the journey back to oneself.  

I have a passion for going in and finding these missing aspects/parts and helping the individual on their journey back to oneself.  Facilitating and supporting this integration into their lives, allowing them to live more wholeheartedly. 

The Psychognostic aspects deals with the spiritual dimension of the human being, is also addressed in this work.

Traumatology enables me to make use of various modalities to facilitate holistic treatment plans for individuals.